“Korean version of Instagram is no longer a dream”, 'Kreaon' Marks Its Presence in the Social Media Platform Market

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Winning the top prize in the "Smart App Awards Korea 2022" for the Travel and Tourism category and gaining recognition for its technological prowess, Kreaon sets its sights on international expansion.

There is a startup that is taking on the challenge of the social media platform market, dreaming of creating a Korean version of Instagram, which is attracting attention.

Acknowledged for their technical skills and having received the top award at the "Smart App Awards," they are gathering anticipation for their future endeavors.

Kreaon (CEO Rana Jeongeun Kim,) developed a new travel-based social media service ‘Atripin’ in October last year.

Atripin is a travel-themed platform based on short-form content as a service that can create synergy with existing digital marketing businesses.

Users can indirectly experience travel content posted by various people based on their current location or create new virtual travel experiences by combining their own content with that of others.

The service is characterized by its unique UI/UX.

Based on its excellence, they received approval for a patent for a mobile terminal control method and won the grand prize in the travel and tourism category at the ‘Smart App Award Korea 2022’ held in December last year.

Kreaon's technological capabilities come from diverse experience and expertise.

The majority of the team members, including CEO Rana Kim, have worked abroad for an average of more than 7 years.

Based on this, they not only continue to share diverse cultural experiences, but also expand research, benchmarking, and content supply and demand to global targets.

In addition, CEO Kim is a former IT network engineer who majored in computer engineering and worked at large corporations such as Goldman Sachs and Samsung Electronics for more than 15 years.

The CTO is also a development planner who has launched more than 40 global services and has a good understanding of marketing, allowing smooth communication with internal developers.

Kreaon is in the process of laying the groundwork for international expansion.

This year, they have been selected for both the "2023 K-Global Accelerator Development Program YPump-Up 6th Batch" and the "2023 Tourism Global Challenge Y&Bridge" programs, both organized by the global accelerator Y&Archer Co., Ltd., as they work on enhancing their capabilities.

Kreaon CEO Rana Jeongeun Kim said, “Through Atripin, our goal is to grow into a service that can give the user’s daily life value as a trip to someone else.”

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