Daegu’s representative AD Tech company ‘AdOne’ is preparing to grow into a future unicorn company.

-Recently succeeded in attracting investment from Y&Archer Co., Ltd.

-Sales target of 22 billion won, which can occupy about 2% of the target market by 2025

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AdOne, Daegu's leading AD Tech specialist company, has recently succeeded in attracting investment from Y&Archer Co., Ltd. and is growing into a future unicorn company.

AdOne is a company established in April 2020 to solve the problem of advertising effectiveness, which was previously difficult to analyze and operate in an integrated manner.

The company has developed the 'AD1Hub,' a cross-media integrated advertising effectiveness analysis platform that allows for comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of major advertising channels such as TV, mobile, PC, and outdoor advertising

It is analyzed based on AI algorithm and designed to present the optimal media mix for each advertisement.

By forming a team of professionals with more than 10 years of work experience in the related field, they are growing by registering 1 type of patent and applying for 6 types, attracting a total of 8 investments, and completing more than 10 national projects in a short period of time.

To verify the developed platform service, they conducted a cross-media integrated advertising effect analysis campaign with the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) and presented the impact of TV advertising exposure on the influx of advertisers to the site.

In addition, an A-B test was conducted with a digital advertising agency partner, and an efficiency increase of up to 234% was proven.

They are preparing to commercialize the AD1Hub platform with our technological capabilities and partners specializing in the field.

AdOne's strength is its patent-based proprietary technology.

They have a variety of technologies that can track advertising viewing and participation history, making it easy to collect advertising viewing history data transmitted from various media.

It is also easier to recruit members through ‘Run Together,’ a dedicated app for Fannon that allows you to survey TV advertisement viewing in real time.

AdOne’s competitiveness is verified by its award history.

In October 2020, the Creative Economy Innovation Center selected the initial startup package and graduated as the best graduate, in January 2021, the Daegu Tourism Foundation's Daegu Tourism Startup Best Company, and in June, the Gyeongbuk Tourism Collaboration Project Excellent Company, '2023 K-' hosted by Wine Acher Co., Ltd. It was selected for the ‘YPump-Up 6th Batch’, a global accelerator training project.

In addition, they are expanding our business by signing business agreements with the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation and the cable TV platform ‘Dlive’.

AdOne CEO Hang-won Jo said, “Through this service, our goal is to achieve sales of 22.3 billion won by 2025, which is enough to occupy about 2% of the target market.”

“To this end, we are expanding our partnerships with specialized advertising agencies,”

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