Mingling CEO Jeon Chang-yeol said, “We are trying to solve the expensive education costs and the proliferation of unreliable parenting information content online.”

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While the importance of nurturing global talent is emphasized every year, many people cannot easily take on the challenge due to the large costs.

There is a company that is attracting attention because it is working to solve these problems and create an environment where all children can grow up healthily.

CEO Jeon Chang-yeol founded Mingling in 2019 with the dream of becoming the No. 1 content solution IP company responsible for the proper growth and development of infants and toddlers.

CEO Jeon said, “We are providing various types of content so that all infants and toddlers can grow in a good environment regardless of time and space.”

“‘Mingle Care’ is receiving favorable reviews from related organizations by sharing more than 160 IPs divided into three categories: physical, cognitive, and emotional for infants and young children,” he said.

He continued, “The main core competitiveness is foreign networks, content planners from educational institutions, and leading business partners in the domestic infant and toddler industry. In particular, for physical development content, safety is reviewed through cooperation with ‘Woori Children’s Hospital’, the largest pediatric hospital in Korea. “In terms of cognitive development content, we are presenting various types of solutions that help with cultural communication through foreign networks,” he added.

CEO Jeon got into entrepreneurship while looking for a way to reduce the burden of raising children, one of the biggest factors in the era of low birth rates.

He thought that it would be a good business item if it could reduce the education cost portion of the economic burden of childcare and utilize it in childcare facilities such as home care content and daycare centers.

Currently, there are about 70 infant and toddler daycare facilities nationwide that use Mingle Care's cognitive (language) content, and foreigners are directly educated using the English program developed by Mingle.

Mingle has completed Mingle Care supply contracts with more than 400 daycare centers and is expected to grow more than three times this year.

CEO Jeon said, “Our goal is to secure competitive content IP to dominate the childcare facility market that is experiencing ‘growth and development.’”

“The ‘Meta Kids’ service, a basic education program to improve children’s creativity, is scheduled to be provided to various childcare facilities across the country starting March next year,”

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