The company that promotes beautiful cities in Korea...

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Travel Winners, broadcasting travel content through Vietnam's state-owned television.

Actively utilizing support programs, including participating in the 2023 Tourism Global Challenge Y&Bridge, to achieve gradual growth.

Based in Daegu City in South Korea, the media content company, "Travel Winners," has been working with local authorities to produce travel programs, showcasing the charm of various domestic cities to audiences abroad, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic when international travel became difficult.

Travel Winners produced 2019 Daegu traveling content ‘Friendship Travel, Healing Travel, Solo Travel (SEASON1)’.

Season 1 content, which included various hidden tourist attractions in Korea, was aired on Vietnam's national broadcaster VTC10, and Season 2 was also successfully aired in December last year.

Vietnam's national broadcaster VTC10 is a cultural and external relations channel that broadcasts in both Vietnamese and English for Koreans living abroad and covers territories in over 20 countries around the world. It is similar to Korea's KBS WORLD channel.

The content of Season 2 was planned with the theme of Korea's beautiful small cities. It was produced from the perspective of travelers taking taxis to each tourist destination, starting with Ulsan, Jecheon, Jeonju, Gangneung, Paju, and Daegu.

In Daegu, starting from Dongdaegu Station with actress 'Han Bom', they toured Apsan Park Cable Car, Suseongmot Lake, and Modern Alley (March 1st Movement Road, Gyesan Cathedral, Jeil Church, Lee Sang-hwa and Seo Sang-don's old houses, Mido Cafe), and the meaning of tourist destinations, including things to see, history, and culture. It was even included. The video became very popular in Vietnam.

The reason for this favorable review is the detail in which they produced the video tailored to the perspective of beginners in travel.

Their travel guide videos start from domestic airports, providing information on departure, terminal navigation, useful facility tips, baggage check procedures and costs, duty-free shopping regulations, in-flight services, and more, making it easy for even first-time international travelers to use the airport.

Since its founding in January 2018, Travel Winners has produced over 200 pieces of content, reaching countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

They have made use of government support programs, such as the Pre-startup Package (formerly known as the Technological Innovation-type Start-up Support Program) and the entry support from the Daegu Content Enterprise Support Center, as well as participation in exhibitions and accelerator programs, to grow their business gradually.

Recently, they participated in the ‘2023 Tourism Global Challenge Y&Bridge’ hosted by global accelerator Y&Archer, and received various supports such as IR consulting and discovery of overseas local partners to strengthen investment capabilities.

Lee Ji-hyung, CEO of Travel Winners, said, “The travel-related industry will grow further in the recent COVID-19 endemic era.” He added, "Our dream is to become a well-known company, like 'Baedal Minjok,' where everyone instantly recognizes our name.“

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